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Terry platform lifts

Since 1979, Cheshire-based Terry Lifts has been at the forefront of technology. Today the company is one of the UK’s most respected lift manufacturers. Included in the Freechoice range of Terry Lifts are:

  • Terry TSL 500
  • Terry TSL 1000
  • Terry Melody 1
  • Terry Melody 2

To find out which of the Terry platform lifts is best suited for your home or premises, contact Freechoice now or by phone on 01295 250 103.

Terry TSL 500 and TSL 1000 Step Lift

The Terry Step Lift range is designed for both internal and external use. These step lifts are ideal for installation outside domestic properties to allow wheelchair access. The TSL 500 is suitable for step heights of less than 500mm, while the TSL 1000 allows for step heights of up to 1 metre. Both the TSL 500 and TSL 2100 have a weight limit of 250kg, and are practical alternatives for sites where a ramp cannot be accommodated.

Both step lifts are hydraulically operated and run from a domestic electrical socket. An additional back-up battery provides power in case of emergency.

Safety features include an automatic flap which folds up to prevent the wheelchair or mobility scooter from rolling backwards. A cut-off mechanism ensures the lift does not operate without the safely flap in place. This step lift also features an emergency release facility which is activated by the flow of hydraulic fluid into the tank to lower the lift.

Both the Terry TSL 500 and 1000 lifts specifications include an optional interlocking gate. The gate remains locked until the lift reaches the upper level. The operation is automatically controlled and can be adjusted as required during installation.

Installation of a TSL 500 and 1000 step lifts

Installation of the TSL 500 and TSL 1000 step lifts normally require some building work to comply with BS 6400 regulations.

  • Requires a level base with a recommended 100mm of concrete
  • The base deflection cannot exceed 15mm on either side
  • Minimum clearance required between the base and the nearest obstacle of 150mm. If this cannot be achieved, the gap should be reduced to between 6mm and 10mm to prevent potential trip hazards.

Terry Melody 1 and 2 platform lifts

The Terry Melody platform lifts are designed for areas accessed by the public. Both the Melody 1 and 2 models are suitable for internal or external installation with a maintenance-free stainless steel finish. State-of-the-art hydraulics ensure a quiet, smooth operation.

They are the ideal public access lift for areas where the recommended gradient for a ramp cannot be achieved. The Melody 1 platform lift is designed for rises of up to 1 metre, while the Melody 2 gives access to heights of up to 3 metres.

The Melody lift cars are fully enclosed on four sides. The upper-level gate interlocks and will only open when the lift is at the upper level.

Weight ranges of the Melody platform lifts

  • The Melody 1 has a weight range of up to 250kg
  • The Melody 2’s weight range is up to 500kg

Please note, in addition to lower level base and any retaining walls, the Melody 2 platform lift requires structural concrete at the upper level to withstand the weight of the fully loaded lift.

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